Working and operating conveniently

The ergonomic kitchen: the focus is on people

您也夢想有間能滿足您需要的廚房?使工作流程能夠順利進行,讓您省心省力?這種品質可以多樣化的方式在任何廚房中得到改善 – 針對所有使用者。也可以運用具有高舒適性和直觀操作的廚房產品。hansgrohe 在此助您設計符合人體工學的廚房。

More comfort with an ergonomic friendly kitchen layout.
Good ergonomic kitchen design means: storage space that is within easy reach. Full-extension drawers at eye level make kitchen chores easier. \(Photo © blum,\)

Everything is so much easier – and gentler on the body

In the kitchen, things tend to get rather heated: we are often busy rinsing food, fetching ingredients from the cupboards, filling pots, operating appliances, and washing our hands. So it’s only logical that minimal legwork tops the wish list when planning. This enables our work to run smoothly, and saves time and effort. Do you love having kitchen tools and ingredients ready to hand too? This is down to having well-organised cabinets and pull-outs. Cleverly designed drawers and pull-outs enable you to easily access even low base units, and make optimum use of the space in the kitchen.  

Individual requirements play a key role in kitchen planning

First and foremost, an ergonomic kitchen is tailored to your body size. Kitchen cabinets, oven and microwave are easy to fill and empty at eye level. You should also design the worktop to make it easy on the back. Studies suggest that this should be situated approximately 10 cm below the individual elbow height. So take measurements before consulting the dealer! Please also bear in mind: for a clear, convenient view of pots and pans, the hob should be situated somewhat lower than your worktop. Here, ergonomics means: ideally with head clearance and no steaming up of glasses. Appropriate extractor fan technology makes this possible. Particularly important in this regard is the choice of a suitable kitchen faucet. The right selection will accommodate your usual practices at the sink. 

When it comes to ergonomics, ease of use is what counts

In an optimally furnished kitchen, you can manage and control everything easily and intuitively. This is especially useful when you're in a hurry or have your hands full. Water control at the touch of a button and easy-to-access control units make ergonomic sense and mean extra convenience when tackling everyday kitchen chores.

Ergonomic guide for working in the kitchen.
In day-to-day life, modern ergonomic design means: the control units are arranged in such a practical way that they can easily be reached by young and old alike.
Ergonomics in the kitchen.
At the sink, good ergonomic design supports natural movement sequences. This also means using two hands to do chores, in a user-friendly and comfortable position.

符合人體工學是令人愉快的訣竅 – 也適用於廚房

透過選擇廣泛的 hansgrohe 廚房水龍頭、星盆和星盆組合可以美觀地優化廚房內的人體工學效果。這些實用產品以極佳的操作舒適性而出眾,並凸顯廚房心臟的美感。例如 M71 Select 雙孔廚房水龍頭的操作單元安裝在星盆前緣。這個與廚房水龍頭分開的獨立式控水裝置可因應個人習慣和人體工學。如需重複操作,則按下按鈕即可開關水量。觸手可及的位置讓孩子也很容易控水。直觀操作(例如用手背開關水流)帶來行動自由。同時還滿足對「通用設計」的要求,這意味著:各年齡段的人都能安全便捷地操作。 
hansgrohe 廚房水龍頭的扁平型手柄符合人體工學,濕手也能輕易抓握,並允許預設溫度和噴射強度。

Experience the beauty of water – at the hansgrohe sink