New hansgrohe kitchen faucet

Give your kitchen a fresh makeover with hansgrohe M42 kitchen faucets

Looking for new kitchen faucet to match your kitchen sink? Whether you're looking for a pull-out hand spray and two jet types for someone who loves to cook, or a compact design for minimalists, consider the new hansgrohe M42 kitchen faucets! These new kitchen faucets come in multiple versions so that you are able to find one to match your dream kitchen!

New kitchen faucet with pull-out spout from hansgrohe
The M42 kitchen faucet with its modern organic design and precision edges will enhance any kitchen setting.

Upgrade your kitchen sink unit with the new kitchen faucet

Do you dream of having a generous working radius around your kitchen sink? With the modern M42 kitchen faucets, hansgrohe presents new product ideas to suit any kitchen setting and tailored to any type of user! 

All kitchen faucets in the M42 range can be swivelled, and are available with or without a pull-out function, based on your preference for the operation. The M42 version with two jet types offers flexibility so that you can quickly switch from filling up large containers to washing ingredients and rinsing out pots and pans.

What's more? You have the option to go for sBox for kitchen faucets with a pull-out hand spray or pull-out spout. This hose guide underneath the sink guarantees smooth operation and allows you to pull the hose out up to 76 cm depending on your selected installation. Learn more about sBox here.

Be spoilt for choices with the modern M42 kitchen faucets 

Enjoy multiple possibilities with three basic shapes and five different heights in two surface finishes. These options embody modern design which will integrate seamlessly into any kitchen. Is the high arc kitchen spout to your taste or do you prefer the compact solution – with or without pull-out hose? Whatever you decide on, the large-area handle design offers lots of usability and makes it easy to operate, even with soapy hands.

Be impressed with the M42 kitchen faucets' functional details

Thanks to its high-quality shaft mounting, your new kitchen faucet is easy and safe to install. The tested PEX connection hoses are rotatable and temperature-resistant. Cleaning the kitchen faucet is quick due to QuickClean technology, and MagFit holds the pull-out hand spray securely and firmly in the faucet spout. If space is tight or the faucet needs to be installed in front of a window: among these new, versatile kitchen assistants, you will find a clever and attractive solution even for these types of situations. Not to mention the fact that this new range offers a variant for connection to a water heater.

An innovative product for the kitchen: as multifaceted as life itself.

The kitchen products that are suitable for any kitchen

In addition to a kitchen that meets the requirements of your customary routines, the kitchen also needs to be safe! Everyone who cooks has his or her own personal requirements when it comes to using water. Here's where hansgrohe kitchen faucets in the M42 range provides every unique individual with a solution:

Faucet with pull-out spout is highly versatile.
M42 kitchen faucet with sBox allows you to pull out the spout up to 76 cm so that you can enjoy a wider working radius.

Focus on functionality for the practical kitchen users

The practical user places emphasis on added functional value within a compact design. Design should make a statement, but not dominate the space. For example, for a small sink, we recommend the kitchen faucet with angled spout and voluminous normal spray, with hansgrohe AirPower technology.

AirPower technology mixes the water with generous amounts of air, ensuring that resources are used efficiently. The large handle is designed for maximum usability, and at the same time really grabs the attention. Now, you have the best of both worlds.

New kitchen faucet with arc spout for those who love to cook.
The high M42 kitchen faucet with semicircular arc comes with a swivel spout and optionally with a pull-out hand spray. The variant with pull-out function is available with or without the sBox.

Kitchen assistant for those who love to cook

Amateur chefs and passionate cooks all appreciate having maximum freedom of movement for all the work they have to do at the sink. A hot tip: get the fully swivelling M42 kitchen faucet with the arc spout, with a height of 220 mm (distance between worktop and spout), and jet switch-over. In just one click, you can switch between the laminar spray and shower spray on the pull-out hand spray, and enjoy a working radius of up to 76 cm. It’s really easy to feed the hose back into the sBox after use. Thanks to the MagFit magnetic support, the hose slides back virtually noiselessly and attaches itself back in the centre of the kitchen faucet spout.

How about a compact kitchen faucet for your kitchen sink?
The kitchen faucet has an efficient water jet, which is mixed with a generous amount of air via AirPower technology. High design quality in a compact form.

Go compact for minimalists

The minimalist likes it small, but exquisite: no compromises please in terms of functionality or durable quality. Therefore the compact M42 kitchen faucets with the ComfortZone 100 and full 360 degree swivel range is ideal. You can direct the voluminous normal spray exactly where it is needed in the sink! The large handle ensures safe, precise control of water, even with soapy hands.

New hansgrohe kitchen faucet for installation in front of a window.
Functionality and timeless design in the best light: M423-H120 for installation in front of a window can easily be removed from the bracket and folded down to open the window.

Easy installation! Free space in front of the window

Simple elegance in front of the window: the place where the light comes through the window is the ideal spot to make a statement in linear design. This innovative new kitchen range offers you timelessly elegant products: M42, ComfortZone height 120 mm, for installation in front of a window. To open the window: remove the kitchen faucet from the bracket in one quick step, fold it down, and you’re done. Another advantage of having the M42 as a new kitchen faucet for your sink: the modern, rounded design with horizontal spout and precision edges will enhance any kitchen setting.