Bathroom trends: floor-level shower and clear design.




時尚的浴室設計依賴於自然的魅力,擁有溫馨的氛圍。 你有沒有注意到真正的表面趨勢,當水龍頭和淋浴結合清晰的線條時,它看起來很時尚? 也許你已經把自己的心臟放在閣樓公寓的浴室裡,或者想用自己喜歡的物品給自己的浴室增添樂趣? 在我們的浴室規劃趨勢圖庫中,您將找到進行大小變化的靈感。

Inspiration from lifestyle & design can make a bathroom feel more like a spa

Nowadays, the bathroom is much more than just a room for personal hygiene and a quick shower. It’s a hub of relaxation, somewhere you can recharge your batteries. It’s also becoming a more cosy place, and therefore should reflect the personal style and requirements of a beautiful home. So it's only natural that trends in interior design are also making inroads into the bathroom, and fostering an enthusiasm to keep it up-to-date. hansgrohe closely monitors the development of bathroom design, while supporting you with some innovative and aesthetic products. Not only are these state-of-the-art in terms of their style, and of supreme quality, but they can also be combined in versatile ways.