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Mediterranean bathroom with modern décor and a natural atmosphere

A Mediterranean bathroom forms an appealing contrast to modern architecture. The harmonious combination of stone grey surfaces and colour nuances in earthy ochre creates a warm atmosphere. A seating area with a generous view of the outdoors connects the room with the natural world and invites you to stay and enjoy for a while. In the feel-good area, modern technology guarantees the intelligent flow of water.

Mediterranean bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows.
Warm furnishing style in a large bathroom

Natural accents of Mediterranean design in the modern bathroom

Do you like modern architecture and would you like to combine its austere charm with the warmth of a natural furnishing style? Opt for a design with a southern ambience, and plan a Mediterranean bathroom with a warm interior. In a room with a linear floor plan, areas of exposed concrete form the basis for a cosy place of retreat. Separated from the functional area, an inviting spa area features a spacious shower, free-standing bath tub and cubic-shaped wash basin. A seating area in front of the floor-to-ceiling window invites you to stay for a while, and draws your attention to the view outside. The wall of glass really opens up the ambience and brings the natural world into the home. Mirrored surfaces behind the wash basin capture the natural light and reflect it into the room. Earthy colour nuances are in tune with the robust character of stone grey exposed concrete and create a warm atmosphere.

Linear shapes and innovative functionality for contemporary water indulgence

기하학적 디자인과 크롬 마감이 조화를 이루는 hansgrohe Metropol 수전이 지중해풍 인테리어의 모던한 특성을 한층 부각시킵니다. 샤워부스의 화이트 마감의 스프레이 디스크가 장착된 Rainmaker Select 오버헤드 샤워는 눈길을 사로잡습니다.  화이트와 크롬이 조화를 이루는 핸드 샤워는 다양한 스프레이 기능을 선사합니다. 인체공학적 혁신 기술로 편안하고 경제적인 샤워를 즐길 수 있습니다.

Innovative mixers in an elegant bathroom

In the elegant bathroom, form and function come together. The clear-cut design of the floor-standing mixers contains ideal technology for modern water indulgence.

Mediterranean flair with floor level taps.
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