RainDrain: a systematic shower drain

Modern floor-level shower with RainDrain and XtraStoris.
hansgrohe’s innovations in 2021

A sensational sight in your shower

Are you dreaming of a floor-level shower and looking for the perfect finishing touch to your modern bathroom, where everything matches perfectly? Enjoy consistent design with the RainDrain shower drain. You can select the colour, surface finish and design of the drainage solution to suit your shower and preferred bathroom style and coordinate this with the shower system, taps and other hansgrohe products such as XtraStoris.

RainDrain: adaptable to all showers and tastes

RainDrain is easy and straightforward to install - regardless of the installation situation. There is one basic set for all shower drainage channels. Choose from three different channels plus a variant for point drainage:

  • RainDrain Match: The shower drainage channel for all bathrooms. Water runs down the slope of the stainless-steel drainage channel, under the cover to the drain. 
  • RainDrain Rock: Designed to be tiled with natural stone or tiles in thicknesses of up to 40 mm. 
  • RainDrain Flex: The eye-catcher with built-in slope on the designer cover.
  • RainDrain Spot: Point drain for flat installation and maximum flexibility in placement. 

RainDrain Match for customised bathrooms

RainDrain Match: the shower drainage channel that blends in seamlessly    

RainDrain Match is the perfect shower drainage channel for all shower sizes and designs with a drain performance just the way you like it.

  • RainDrain Match is available in six lengths from 60 cm to 120 cm.
  • Choose between six surface finishes or tile the back of it.

  • Place it by the wall or anywhere in the shower area. 

  • Its small installation depth and simple height adjustment help with accessibility.

  • High-performance waste technology with a capacity for up to 60 l/min with the optional Dryphon.

  • The factory-assembled sealing fleece ensures the shower is watertight.

RainDrain Rock: the shower drainage channel for natural-stone floors

Do you love natural stone? The RainDrain Rock range is perfect for this material, as it can be customised with natural stone or matching tiles. Just like RainDrain Match, RainDrain Rock is available in six lengths and can be shortened by 50 mm on each side.

RainDrain Flex for the perfect length

The RainDrain Flex drainage system meets the highest standards and provides maximum freedom. Plan your dream shower, regardless of the size and layout of the space, and make a design statement. Suitable for new builds and renovations thanks to its small installation depth.
  • There is a choice of five lengths from 70 to 120 cm, and the product can be shortened on site.
  • Seven surface finishes are available for the designer panel: Brushed Stainless Steel, Chrome and five exclusive FinishPlus surface finishes for customising and coordinating with hansgrohe shower systems. 
  • Can be positioned anywhere: Position the RainDrain Flex next to the wall or anywhere in the shower. 
  • Accessible shower. RainDrain Flex can be succinctly integrated into the shower area, with no misalignment or trip hazards. For maximum freedom to move in the floor-level shower.
  • Built-in slope. The shower water runs down an integrated slope on the designer panel to the drain.
  • High-performance waste technology with a capacity of up to 60 l/min with the optional Dryphon.
  • The factory-assembled sealing fleece ensures the shower system is watertight.

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