New kitchen faucet which redefined sinks

hansgrohe M71 range Select 2-hole variant kitchen faucet

The new M71 kitchen faucet with the Select 2-hole variant incorporates a completely fresh concept of modern sink design, positioning the water control function on the sink rim, rather than on the kitchen faucet. This innovative and practical Select button offers you convenience, as well as a sleek minimalist design that will make your sink a focal point of your kitchen.

hansgrohe range M71 with separate shut-off valve.
Kitchen faucet with minimalist design and sophisticated features. The latest hansgrohe M71 kitchen faucets will most definitely become the centrepiece of your kitchen.

Twice the convenience

The new hansgrohe M71 Select 2-hole kitchen faucet adds great convenience for you to work in your kitchen. The ergonomic redesign of the water control to position at the front of the kitchen sink makes your kitchen chores easier than before. There is also greater flexibility thanks to the innovative kitchen hose box sBox, which allows you to pull the the kitchen faucet up to 76 cm. Available in two variants below for your selection. 

1. One touch operation

The M71 kitchen faucet with the Select push button is meant to be within easy reach so that you can turn water on and off easily with one simple touch of the Select button. This separate control unit can either be installed on the kitchen sink rim or on the kitchen counter top, depending on which option is the most convenient for you in the kitchen.

The M71 kitchen faucet with the Select push button comes in real handy when you are busy with meal preparations in the kitchen. Want to wash the vegetables, fill the cooking pots with water or clean them? You don't have to reach out for the kitchen faucet but simply turn the water on or off instantly, at the touch of the Select button! Dirty hands? Use your elbow or back of your hand to control the water flow - it's that easy!

In addition, the button can also be used to open or close the water drainage system by a simple turn. Even the body of the kitchen faucet has intelligent functions: you can conveniently preset the water volume and temperature here. Switch from normal spray to shower spray via the diverter knob on the kitchen spout. 

2. Tilt and turn

The M71 kitchen faucet with the rocker lever is installed on the rim of the kitchen sink so that you can have a handle on everything with easy access! What makes this kitchen faucet different is that you are able to select the temperature before turning on or off the water and that you are able to control the volume of the water, not just turning it on or off.  

How does it work? Tilt the lever to control the volume of the water. Turn it to adjust the temperature. The Select technology is installed in this variant of the kitchen faucet too: locate the discreet Select button on the spout of the kitchen faucet body. Simply press it to turn the water on and off. The kitchen faucet remains open this way.

Select either kitchen faucet for added convenience to work in your kitchen. Find out more on our new M71 Select 2-hole kitchen faucets.

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