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When you buy a hansgrohe product, you can be entirely confident in your decision. From the very beginning, we’re here to explain every detail and to answer every question.

We invite you to explore the range through our online tools or visit a hansgrohe showroom. Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll equip you with all the information you need to make the most of your hansgrohe product, from the best way to clean and maintain it as well as information on the product warranty.

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Incorporating any bathroom and kitchen product to your existing or new home takes expertise and experience. That’s why our trained hansgrohe experts are always on hand to provide personalised advice, and to help solve complex problems, so that you can enjoy that perfect shower experience, wherever you live. Contact us today to discuss your bathroom requirements.

Everything you need to create your feel-good bathroom and kitchen

Whatever the stage of your bathroom or kitchen project, you’ll find the answers you seek from hansgrohe.

Experience hansgrohe live: try out hansgrohe products in person prior to purchase at the hansgrohe aquademie or any authorised dealers located near you and as well as at exhibitions featuring our latest products and technologies. Alternatively, you can simply browse through hansgrohe’s products on this website in comfort anywhere, anytime.

Do you have any questions about the product warranty? You can find all the information about the hansgrohe product's warranty on our website. Or simply navigate through our apps and mobile services, explained to you in details here. 

For details about specifications, installations and more, you’ll find our spare parts catalogue a true treasure trove for information. Would you like to know more? Find all the answer you need in the service FAQ, the list of frequently asked questions. 

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