Kitchen accessories: wooden chopping board from hansgrohe.

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How to top off your hansgrohe sink

Convenient kitchen accessories: soap dispenser and cutting board

If you already have a hansgrohe sink or sink combi unit (with tap), here’s a practical add-on: the hansgrohe soap dispenser (also lotion dispenser). This high-quality all-in-one solution ensures that everything around your sink unit matches visually, that the area looks beautifully tidy and that all your work goes smoothly. This kitchen team is perfectly coordinated in terms of both its design and function.

Soap dispenser in exquisite design: compatible with our kitchen tap ranges

Depending on the surface finish of your kitchen tap, you can opt for the dispenser as classic chrome-plated or in stainless steel finish. With its slimline base set, it is perfectly in keeping with similarly designed kitchen taps: for each tap range, hansgrohe has designed a matching flange shape: the A71 soap dispenser is compatible with the M71 range and Metris. The A51 dispenser is compatible with the M51 range and Talis and the versatile A41 is compatible with the M41 range and Focus.

Sustainable kitchen accessories: economical dosing, less plastic

Left-handed or right-handed? During installation, the plumber simply drills a hole to the left or right of your kitchen tap or on the outer rim of the sink. If the dispenser is recessed, only its pump head and flange are visible. The container, which holds 500 ml of liquid, remains discreetly hidden underneath and can be easily filled up from above. Isn't that nicer than having dented plastic bottles on the sink unit? The dosage portions of 2 ml per pump stroke also make it resource-friendly.

Versatile wooden board: on top as a work surface or draining board on the sink

The hansgrohe cutting board is another kitchen accessory which is perfectly compatible with our sinks. Just 20 mm high, it features a flat design, a smooth, pleasant surface and a guide edge. This allows it to be optimally integrated into the sink and manoeuvred on top of it. On the hansgrohe double sink, the board completely covers the smaller basin and therefore serves as an additional work surface and draining board.

High-quality cutting board: a natural product from the Black Forest innovators

hansgrohe supplies wood in brand quality too. We offer this sustainable kitchen accessory in oak and walnut. Each board is unique, with its own characteristic wood grain. The quality wood, which we have refined with an abrasion-resistant hard oil glaze, is gentle on your knives and retains its shape. Due to the high tannin content, it has an antibacterial effect. We recommend cleaning the cutting board with hot water, some washing-up liquid and a sponge and letting it air dry.
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