Voluntary manufacturer’s guarantee

Five-year guarantee: A part of the company philosophy

Offering our customers the highest quality at all times is a fundamental part of the Hansgrohe corporate philosophy. We therefore offer initial end consumers (as defined below) a voluntary manufacturer’s guarantee on our products independently of the claims they are entitled to from the seller. The conditions and details of the voluntary manufacturer’s guarantee can be found in the Guarantee Conditions below.

Our Guarantee Conditions

Five-year manufacturer's guarantee for hansgrohe products

I. General 

Hansgrohe grants initial end consumers a manufacturer's guarantee for hansgrohe products. This voluntary manufacturer’s guarantee applies in addition to the legal rights that initial end consumers have with regard to sellers. Any further claims of the initial end consumer against Hansgrohe (e.g. due to any product liability) remain reserved (see section VII below).

An “initial end consumer” is someone who has acquired the hansgrohe product as the first consumer directly from Hansgrohe or a Hansgrohe sales partner (especially sanitation companies, retailers, hardware stores). A “consumer” in the sense of this manufacturer's guarantee is a natural person who has acquired the hansgrohe product for private use and not to use it in the course of commercial or self-employed professional activities (e.g. to resell it or to install it for a third party). 

This manufacturer's guarantee only applies for initial end consumers and is not transferable. In the event of resale of the hansgrohe product by an initial end consumer, the guarantee does not transfer to the purchaser, regardless of whether the purchaser is also a consumer.

II. Scope of the guarantee, guarantee period

Hansgrohe guarantees the initial end consumer that the hansgrohe product they have purchased is free from material defects, manufacturing defects, and construction defects. The latest science and technology at the time of manufacture is decisive in this regard. 

The guarantee shall be valid for all hansgrohe products for five years from the purchase date by the initial end consumer, but for a maximum of six years from the date of manufacture. The hansgrohe products listed below are exempt from this – these hansgrohe products have a special term:

Guarantee Information List

Article no. Product Name Guarantee Information
22415007 CubeStack Wash bowl 500/460 with tap hole and ovrflow, SmartClean 30 years
22414007 CubeStack Bowl 506/380 without tap hole and overflow, SmartClean 30 years
22413007 CubeStack Above counter basin 650/390 without tap hole and with overflow, SmartClean 30 years
22421007 MoonWake Above counter basin 760/390 without tap hole and with overflow 30 years
22422007 MoonWake Bowl 400/400 without tap hole and overflow 30 years


The guarantee period shall not be extended due to the provision of services within the scope of this manufacturer's guarantee, especially not in the event of servicing or replacement. In such cases, the guarantee period shall also not start anew. Nor will something else result if the exchanged product is included in these guarantee conditions; this will not constitute a new guarantee or restart the guarantee period.

Claims for the reimbursement of consequential damage or on the grounds of product liability shall only be valid in accordance with mandatory legal regulations.
This manufacturer's guarantee is only valid for initial end consumers who have acquired the products concerned in a country in which Hansgrohe is represented with its own sales company or through a sales partner. 

III. Form and period of assertion, limitation period

The assertion of claims under this guarantee requires a written notification of defects by the initial end consumer to Hansgrohe or the Hansgrohe sales partner from which the hansgrohe product was acquired. This notification of defects must occur within a limitation period of two months from the time at which the initial end consumer recognizes the defect in the hansgrohe product or ought to have recognized it, and in any case before the expiration of the guarantee period. It is the initial end consumer's responsibility to demonstrate that the guarantee period has not yet expired; this demonstration can particularly occur by submitting the sales receipt for the hansgrohe product. 

The written notification of defects must include:

  • a detailed description of the defect,
  • the name and the address of the initial end consumer and
  • proof that and when the consumer acquired the hansgrohe product as an initial end consumer, e.g. a purchase receipt with date of purchase, the store name of the Hansgrohe sales partner and the product designation and/or Hansgrohe article number.

The written notification of defects should be sent by email to technicalservice@hansgrohe.com.sg or using the contact form at https://www.hansgrohe-asia.com/en/contact. After receipt of the written notification of defects, Hansgrohe will contact the sender within 3 working days. The product may not be removed until this period has elapsed and instructions to the contrary have been received. However, this is not the case if significant damages would be expected. 

The guarantee claims lapse at the end of the guarantee period. If a claims is asserted within the guarantee period and in accordance with the above instructions, but the owed guarantee performance has not yet been performed by Hansgrohe, the limitation period is suspended until the service has been performed.

IV. Conditions and exclusions

The use of this guarantee shall be predicated upon professional installation of the hansgrohe product concerned in accordance with the Hansgrohe operating instructions and the recognized rules of technology (e.g. by a master craftsman or authorized specialist), and that the hansgrohe products have been used in line with the usage and installation instructions provided by Hansgrohe. This shall include but not be limited to, and depending on the product, the inlet water pipes being duly flushed, prior to the hansgrohe product’s installation or following construction measures in accordance with the valid standards, installations complying with the appended diagrams and checks being conducted on the compliance of the working pressure in the water mains with technical specifications. 

If Hansgrohe can prove, or if there is an objectively justified suspicious that these prerequisites have not been fulfilled, Hansgrohe can refuse the guarantee performance, unless the initial end consumer can demonstrate that the conditions named above were fulfilled.

All usage and assembly instructions, as well as any additional technical instructions, are included with each hansgrohe product and are also available at www.hansgrohe-asia.com.

This manufacturer's guarantee does not create a claim in the event of

  • commercial or self-employed professional use of the hansgrohe product;
  • Failure to submit a written notification of defects and preemptive removal of the defective hansgrohe product without prior evaluation or instruction by Hansgrohe (see section III)
  • Noncompliance with the usage and installation instructions and other safety instructions provided and available at www.hansgrohe-asia.com;
  • Improper maintenance or repair of the hansgrohe product, especially repair or maintenance using parts other than original hansgrohe spare-parts;
  • Improper installation or commissioning;
  • Use of the hansgrohe product that does not correspond to its intended or recommended use purpose or is otherwise improper or irregular (including commissioning with fluids other than pure drinking water);
  • Product modification, especially installation, removal, or exchange of individual parts or components of the hansgrohe product or
  • hansgrohe products with fabrication or serial numbers or manufacturing dates that have been removed from the product, altered, or made illegible.

This manufacturer's guarantee shall not cover 

  • product defects that were caused in transport, installation, or through external influences (impact, blow, fall);
  • product defects or damages caused by the seller, installer, or third persons;
  • product defects that can be attributed to normal wear (e.g. scratches, abrasion) or intentional damage (in the event of negligent damage, contributory negligence shall be offset on agreement);
  • wear-and-tear parts, such as seals, hoses;
  • consumable materials such as batteries, filters, or aerators;
  • breakage of breakable components such as glass, bulbs, or mirrors;
  • slight deviations of the hansgrohe product from the target quality that do not affect the usability of the hansgrohe product;
  • entry of dirt, water jets, in particular hot water jets, damages caused by limescale deposits, ice, or other environmental influences (e.g. humidity, heat), operating or servicing errors, aggressive environmental influences, chemicals, detergents, excessive/inadequate pressure in the lines or excessive/inadequate voltage in the wiring;
  • damage caused by force majeure or natural disasters, especially but not limited to flooding, lightning, fires, frost damage, or fluctuations in electricity.
  • consequential damages and
  • sample or exhibition products, 2nd choice products and similar

V. Services in the event of a guarantee claim

When a guarantee claim is submitted in accordance with sections I.-IV., Hansgrohe will provide services under the manufacturer's guarantee in the sense that Hansgrohe will, according to its own discretion and the following regulations, 1) repair the hansgrohe product concerned or provide the necessary spare parts, 2) make an exchange, or 3) reimburse the purchase price to the initial end consumer.

  1. Repair
    As a rule, the initial end consumer will have the defective hansgrohe product repaired by a skilled technician on site with the prior consent of Hansgrohe. In this case, the manufacturer’s guarantee shall include free delivery of the necessary spare parts. If Hansgrohe should decide, by way of written agreement, to carry out the repairs itself, Hansgrohe shall bear the resulting costs for spare parts, installation and its own labor costs as well as any expenses for the transport or shipping of the hansgrohe product. The initial end consumer must provide access to the defective hansgrohe product.
  2. Exchange
    In the event of a replacement, the defective hansgrohe product shall be replaced by a new hansgrohe product of the same kind, quality and type. If the hansgrohe product in question is no longer manufactured at the time the defect is reported, Hansgrohe shall be entitled to supply a comparable replacement product. Transportation and shipping to and from Hansgrohe or the Hansgrohe sales partner and all measures in connection with the exchange of the hansgrohe products (including removal and reinstallation) may only be performed with the prior consent of Hansgrohe. If Hansgrohe agrees to the intended measure, Hansgrohe shall bear the costs arising from its implementation. Unless otherwise agreed, the initial end consumer shall undertake to collect the new hansgrohe product from the nearest Hansgrohe sales partner, if something else has not been arranged. The exchanged hansgrohe product becomes the property of Hansgrohe when it is removed.
  3. Reimbursement of the purchase price
    If Hansgrohe chooses to reimburse the purchase price and confirms this in writing, the initial end consumer shall return the defective hansgrohe product and Hansgrohe shall reimburse the purchase price paid. When the purchase price is reimbursed, the defective hansgrohe product becomes the property of Hansgrohe.

VI. Consequences in the event of unjustified guarantee claims

If the consumer reports a defect as a guarantee claim, but the prerequisites for guarantee performance under this manufacturer's guarantee have not been met, the costs incurred in shipping or transportation of the product must be borne by the initial end consumer themselves. In addition, the initial end consumer must bear the costs, including any labor costs, that were incurred by Hansgrohe for the removal or investigation or return transport of the product.
If, having been informed of the non-applicability of the guarantee and the potential costs that could arise through the servicing activities, the initial end consumer nonetheless wishes the servicing activities to be conducted, they must personally bear the costs of the spare parts and labor.
If the defect in the hansgrohe product was not present upon delivery, Hansgrohe shall decide on a case-by-case basis whether said defect can be rectified through goodwill. In such cases, the initial end consumer will have no legal right to the rectification of the defect.

VII. Further rights

In addition to the rights under the guarantee, the initial end consumer is also entitled to statutory rights without restriction. 
This manufacturer's guarantee particularly shall not affect potentially more extensive legal or contractual rights (especially warranty rights), that the initial end consumer may have against the hansgrohe sales partner from which the hansgrohe product was purchased.
The legal rights of the initial end consumer with regard to Hansgrohe are also neither restricted nor replaced by the guarantee. This especially concerns mandatory legal liability provisions under the German Product Liability Act or any criminal liability on the part of Hansgrohe.
The continued existence of the rights of the initial end consumer apply independently of the presence of a guarantee claim and of the use of the guarantee by the initial end consumer.

VIII. Contact

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