Talis M54 in L-shape in the Matte Black surface finish
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hansgrohe Talis M54

Minimalism in three basic forms for every modern kitchen

The clean, reduced-to-the-essentials Talis M54 line offers the right sink unit faucet for every modern kitchen ambiance: from the towering version for the free-standing kitchen block, to the striking design piece in front of the window, to the comfort solution under wall cabinets. hansgrohe’s design and quality standards are convincing in all variants and functions, and at an attractive price.

Uncompromisingly clear in all variants

The faucet body with flat, vertically positioned handle is available in three basic shapes and comfort heights: Talis is available with round spout, in an L-shape, and a U-shape. There are also four exclusive surface finishes to choose from, perfectly matching the style of the kitchen or setting a deliberate contrast: exclusive Brushed Black Chrome, Matte Black, Chrome, or Stainless Steel Finish. All components, including the shower hose, are color-matched. The variants with pull-out spout/shower can be combined with the sBox for a safe hose guide. The extra component in the base cabinet ensures smooth work steps and more flexibility when using the pull-out function.

Talis M54 in round arch design

In modern living with an open kitchen, the slim Talis M54, with its towering silhouette, comes into its own. The uncompromising basic form with no visual interruptions, in the exclusive finish, becomes a room-shaping element. The optional combination of the version with pull-out spray head and sBox provides additional sphere of action at the sink. It is very easy to switch between laminar and shower sprays. The magnetic MagFit shower support offers additional comfort. The Talis M54 with round arched spout is alternatively available with swivel function. 

Talis M54 with L-shaped spout

The straightline aesthetics of the Talis M54 with an L-shaped spout meets ergonomics and ease of use under wall cabinets. The adapted overall height and the horizontally extendable spout provide room to move even with a compact solution. The stepwise swivel spout with laminar spray can be adapted to the sink, preventing unwanted flooding. The practical sBox hose storage is also available for the Talis M54 in L-shape with pull-out spout. Not least in the version with ComfortZone 270 and pull-out spout, this provides greater flexibility.

Talis M54 with U-shaped spout

The Talis M54 with U-shaped spout has a high recognition value and makes optimal use of the available space. Whether in a built-in solution with or without wall cabinet or in front of the window. The spout with ComfortZone 220 and laminar spray is easy to move: its pivoting area can be adjusted to the sink to prevent it from unintentionally swiveling. The exclusive colors of Matte Black, Chrome, and Stainless Steel Finish are also available for this model, with all components color-coordinated.

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