RainDrain Flex installed in Matte Black.


Drainage for the shower

RainDrain rounds out the individual bathroom concept

Do you want a modern bathroom where everything is coordinated? Consistent design is soothing, and the floor-level shower creates a spa-like ambiance. With the high-quality RainDrain drain system, you will experience the highest level of comfort in the shower and design it in one go. The finish of the drain system is coordinated with the rest of the hansgrohe range. Combine the RainDrain shower drain with showers, faucets, and innovative storage solutions harmoniously in your style world. RainDrain is suitable for both newly built bathrooms and renovations.  

RainDrain enhances any shower space

RainDrain fits into every dream shower, no matter what your plan for the floor-level shower looks like. Do you prefer the shower drain to be flush with the wall? Not a problem with RainDrain Match and RainDrain Flex. You can also place the RainDrain shower channel freely, as the shower system with syphon is completely flexible. Do you love XXL showering pleasure? RainDrain offers the innovative Dryphon technology with high drain capacity. Simply ask your sanitation professional for more information.

Variety: What makes RainDrain so individual

Do you want everything in your shower to match, from the overhead shower to the floor drain? RainDrain offers several options for customization.

RainDrain Flex has a particularly high-quality look and offers seven finishes for the design cover: Brushed Stainless Steel, Chrome, and five FinishPlus colors to match hansgrohe showers and bathroom faucets: Matte Black, Matte White, Polished Gold Optic, Brushed Bronze, and Brushed Black Chrome. With RainDrain Flex, water can be seen flowing to the drain and syphon through the integrated slope. 

RainDrain Match includes a choice of six finishes for the shower channel cover: Brushed Stainless Steel, Chrome, Stainless Steel Matte Black or Matte White, and glass surfaces in Black and White. In addition, the back of the cover can be tiled (not recommended for glass variants), allowing you to create a consistent shower surface. The RainDrain Match drain system is suitable for all ceramic tiles. For thicker natural stone tiles, the RainDrain Rock product range is available. 
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