A greater operating radius at the sink

Lightweight and convenient: kitchen faucets with a pull-out function and hansgrohe sBox

Use water with perfect aim, and enjoy having this elegant technology in the very heart of your kitchen. A sink unit faucet with pull-out function offers a considerably expanded operating radius. Moreover, you can enjoy a variety of jet types or water at the touch of a button. That’s efficient multi-tasking at the sink. The clever hansgrohe sBox makes for extra convenience, enabling your tasks to run smoothly.

Operating radius for multi-tasking: the sBox makes everything easier

hansgrohe kitchen faucets with pull-out function offer lots more flexibility for using water at the sink. They are attractively designed too.

  • The hand spray or the pull-out spout considerably increase your operating radius at the sink; in combination with the sBox, even by up to 76 cm. This is advantageous, for example when watering plants or filling up tall vases.
  • The hose extraction, combined with a swivel radius, makes working at a sink with two bowls more efficient.
  • The MagFit magnetic bracket enables the hose to slide back virtually noiselessly and attach itself back in the centre of the tube.

Spray head or spout? The choice is yours

On hansgrohe kitchen faucets with pull-out function, you have two options for using water at the sink unit. Choose according to your personal preferences:

  • A hand spray with easy switching between two jet types. Use the normal spray to fill up even large pots and containers quickly and with pinpoint accuracy. The additional shower spray is ideal for thoroughly cleaning and rinsing fruit, vegetables or fish. It is ergonomic to use, because you can change the jet type using one hand, while the water is turned on;
  • A pull-out spout for intuitive water control with the Select function. Conveniently use one hand to turn water on or off at the touch of a button: it’s very easy to do this using the back of your hand or your elbow while you’re on the go. The faucet handle remains open and keeps the water temperature and volume constant.

All kitchen faucets with pull-out function

The hand spray is very easy to use

hansgrohe sBox: for an uncluttered kitchen floor unit

Storage space check for the classic kitchen floor unit: lots of utensils for the kitchen and the home, from washing-up liquid to a bucket, all share a limited space. The items stowed here slightly obstruct the dangling hose for your hand spray. The sBox tidies up the clutter. It offers practical convenience by adding clarity. The hose can be pulled out and retracted smoothly in its box. In the sBox, it cannot be jammed up or damaged. The hose weight is quietly routed, and is safe inside the box from any obstacles that stop it from functioning.

A durable box that is easy to install

The sBox offers everyday convenience when using the hand spray or hose extraction. In addition, the secure protection within the box keeps the water-conducting hose in good working order over the long term. The sBox will fit in even the smallest floor unit. The shallow box, which is just 52 cm high, can also be installed in confined spaces, in the corner or in low floor units.

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