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Choose from a variety of jet types – shower as the mood takes you

Anyone who has experienced the sensuous world of hansgrohe jet types will never want to shower with anything less. At our in-house spray laboratory, we develop and optimise the jet types so that they fulfil your own personal requirements. Whether it’s for your daily body care routine, for relaxation or a burst of freshness – our 14 jet types offer something for every need.

Spray type Rain from shower system Crometta.
The Raindance Select S 120 hand shower adds variety to your everyday shower, with the three jet types RainAir, Rain and Whirl.

The right jet type for every kind of showerer

From the fine mist of the hand shower to the luxurious summer downpour of the overhead shower: The various water jets can feel very different. And they unleash a feel-good factor when they flow through hansgrohe products. Yet showering tastes vary enormously. We meet our customers’ personal wellness needs with a wide range of shower types. Series of practical tests have shown that there are three different types of showerer:
  • Pleasure showerers love to be pampered to the max with soft, relaxing shower rain.
  • Efficient showerers appreciate a powerful jet that quickly wakes you up and activates all five senses.
  • Focus showerers enjoy a massage spray that washes away everyday troubles and actively relaxes the user.

With hansgrohe, we want every member of the family to be able to live it up, however they like to shower, or spontaneously switch from one jet type to the other. That’s why we invented Select: You can use any Raindance Select showers to switch between three jet types as the mood takes you, at the simple touch of a button.

Take Raindance Select S 120 hand shower for exmaple. The hand shower comes with three jet types  - RainAir, Rain and Whirl. The Select button allows you can to conveniently choose the shower you preferred depending on your mood, whether you want to relax, wake up or be massaged.

Find out why so many people love the Raindance Select S 120:

Which jet type do you prefer to be pampered by?

We offer you a wide range of water forms, which you can use to create your own pamper shower. Check out which hansgrohe jet types can help you to simply wash away the stresses of everyday life:

  1. RainAir: The relaxing shower rain is enriched with air inside the shower head. This makes the water feel exceptionally soft and plump, covering your body with soft beads of water and enveloping you to create a sense of well-being. This caressing of the body is like soft summer rain and is ideal for pleasure showerers.
  2. Rain: A powerful rain jet, with an invigorating burst of freshness for the entire body. The comforting power of the water is ideal for rinsing out shampoo. This jet type is perfect for a stimulating start to the day, and to recharge your batteries from time to time.
  3. Whirl: The swirling massage spray, which washes away the stresses of the day. This relieves tension, primarily in the neck area and shoulders. The rotating helix jet wanders over the skin helically, just like a masseur's fingers. The ideal choice for relieving stress or giving yourself a spa-like treatment after playing sport.
  4. PowderRain: This ultra-soft shower jet guarantees a sensational, relaxing, indulgent and quiet shower. Thousands of micro-droplets envelop the entire body. PowderRain is not only gloriously gentle, but also effective: The many thousands of droplets are great at rinsing out shower gel and shampoo.

Other hansgrohe jet types include RainStream, CaresseAir, IntenseRain, Massage, Mono, TurboRain, Rainflow, Mix and SoftRain. More about this in the image gallery.

Overview of hansgrohe jet types – let the beauty of water inspire you

A variety of jet types, adding diversity to your daily shower

Lots of hansgrohe products combine one or more jet types in a hand shower, overhead shower or side shower. So every time you take a shower, you can enjoy different forms of water – whether you need just a relaxed sprinkling or turned on full to wake you up.

What makes the hansgrohe jet types special is the fact that they are teamed up with technologies such as EcoSmart or AirPower. In the case of EcoSmart, water consumption is sustainably reduced, yet its effect remains virtually unaltered. Whereas with AirPower, air is added to the water – making the droplets plumper and softer. Your water and energy costs will be reduced.

Whether you use IntenseRain to awaken your senses, the Mono spray jet for focused physical comfort or RainFlow to wash away the stresses of everyday life: each hansgrohe jet is a form of water art, which transforms this precious asset into a spa-like experience, and turns showering into a favourite pastime.

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